about peg

Why Peg?

  • We believe smooth access to high-speed broadband services improves all areas of life.
  • We believe our lives depend increasingly on our ability to access services wherever and whenever we need them.
  • We believe everyone deserves a better experience and everyone is committed to creating one.
  • We believe that there is no substitute for real, direct, immediate user feedback on the actual experience.
  • We believe that everyone needs a convenient and easy way to see what’s going on and where to go to get a better experience, and to rate their positive or negative experience.
  • We believe that a collective and neutral view of the user experience feedback needs to be made available to those who can do something to improve it.

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about peg

What is Peg?

Peg is an app. It lets you rate your actual experience, positive and negative, with a service at a certain location by providing quick, instantaneous feedback from your smartphone, tablet, pc, or other device.

Peg lets you map the collective, up-to-date experience at your location so that you can see what’s going on and where to go to get a better experience.

Peg lets you search a location to see what everyone else’s experience has been there.

Who is Peg for?

Peg is for parents, students, working people, businessmen, high-tech and non-high-tech people of any age.

Peg is for you, Peg is for everyone!

With Peg:

  • You always know what is going on and where to go to get a better experience
  • You will never have to wonder if you were the only one experiencing the problem
  • You can let everyone know about your experience at a certain location, whether positive or negative
  • Your voice and the voice of everyone else are combined so that experience becomes a real, actionable priority
  • You become part of the solution to help everyone get a better experience



PegMap is the key to a
Better Experience

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What is PegMap?

  • It’s an up-to-date, interactive map of the real, collective experience at every location, based on actual user feedback
  • PegMap is free for everyone to use, directly from Peg or on this website.

How PegMap is created

  • When you and everyone else uses Peg, your actual experience ratings are used to create PegMap. Your feedback counts!
  • The more Peg is used, the more detailed, complete and up-to-date PegMap becomes, and the greater the benefit provided to you and everyone else.

How PegMap is used

  • PegMap is available for everyone to see!
  • You and everyone else can see what’s going on
  • Network and service providers’ personnel can now use PegMap to drive their focus toward solving the real customer-impacting issues

an intro to Peg video

See how Peg and PegMap can become part of your everyday life

Learn how to use and benefit from Peg and PegMap, wherever you are and whatever you do,
so that you, too, can get a better experience and help everyone else get a better experience.

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Download from the Apple Store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod, and from GooglePlay for Android. (Windows coming soon).

3Rate Your Experience & Use PegMap

Peg your location and rate your experience, positive and negative. It only takes 3 seconds! Then enjoy PegMap.


2Launch & Allow Location

Launch the app and allow it to use your location so you can get the full benefit of Peg. Don't forget to move the app to your home screen for better accessibility!

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peg FAQs

  1. What is Peg?

    A. Peg is an app that lets you rate your actual experience, positive and negative, with a service at a certain location by providing quick, instantaneous feedback from your smartphone, tablet, pc, or other device.

  2. When can I use Peg and where?

    A. You can use Peg when making a voice or video call, watching a video, browsing the web, sending a message, using social media, downloading emails, etc. You can use it when you are at home, at work, on the street, at the airport, at the stadium, etc. No matter what network, network technology, or network provider is used.

  3. Does it work only with my service and network provider?

    A. You can use Peg no matter what network, network technology, or network provider you use.

  4. What devices work with Peg?

    A. Check the download section to see what devices and operating systems are currently supported.

  5. What do you do with my information and who is receiving it?

    A. The network and rating information you provide is stored in a secure database and is used to create PegMap. That information will be provided to your carrier to improve your experience. No personal information is ever collected or stored.

  6. Will someone contact me to follow up about my rating?

    A. The collective user experience data is used to create PegMap. You will not be contacted about your individual issue.

  7. How does my rating help improve my experience and that of others?

    A. Your ratings, combined with those of others, are used to create PegMap and keep it up to date. PegMap is free for everyone to use and is available for everyone to see, including your network, service, and application provider at www.pegmap.net. PegMap is working with the providers of communication networks, services, and applications to make sure PegMap becomes part of their daily work so they can focus on solving the real issues that impact you and your experience with broadband communications services. PegMap also has solutions that can integrate PegMap and enable communications providers to significantly improve their ability to deliver a high experience to their end users, which ultimately benefits you.

  8. How do I share my rating with my friends?

    A. We plan to integrate our app with a social media function in the near future. Make sure to check back soon.

  9. Do I have to allow Peg to know my current location?

    A. Yes. In order for Peg and PegMap to provide accurate and actionable results, the app needs to know where you are since most problems are tied to a specific location.